This weekend's sojourn to Ralph Lauren's Polo Bar in Midtown East did not disappoint. There's something inherently appealing about a restaurant where bouncers dressed as polo players manage the front door.  Sure, it's pretentious... But there's nothing shameful about relishing this affected environment, just a little bit. The interior is all plaid pillows, leather and artfully placed Polo paraphernalia while the people-watching is on par with Pastis circa 2005. 

Ralph Lauren epitomizes what I love about fashion: it allows you to be anyone you want to be.  Mr. Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz. Raised by his parents, Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, he had a modest upbringing in the Bronx.  However, he allowed his imagination to transcend his circumstances which led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar empire that is synonymous with elite American prep.

Similarly to Mr. Lauren, fashion allows me to transform myself. It lends me a protective shield of confidence and the ability to be whoever I aspire to be on any given day. This Mary Katrantzou silk button-down shirtdress perfectly transitions from day-to-night. Its a-line hem is especially flattering while the modern print makes it a playful choice.  When I throw this dress it's impossible not to feel good, and that is something special.
Silk Shirtdress: Mary Katrantzou, from Barney's
Espadrilles: Chanel, from Chanel
Necklace: Lanvin, from Lanvin
Bag: Louis Vuitton, from Louis Vuitton