Fedora.  Such a beautiful, mellifluous name for something that is hideous ninety- percent of the time.  What was once a symbol of refinement is now the accessory of choice for frat who view bottle service a status symbol and Don-Draper wannabes.  While looking good in a fedora may not be the easiest feat, it is entirely possible.  I chose to pay homage to one of my favorite fictional heroes, Indiana Jones, with this wide-brimmed felt fedora.  While my tastes are anything but simplistic or minimalist, when contemplating this type of hat, I recommend keeping it simple and clean.  Save the feathers, ribbon trimmings, and other embellishments for your other accessories.

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim (3.1 Phillip Lim)
Printed Blazer: MiuMiu (Miu Miu)
Fedora: Topshop (Topshop)
BootsFrye (Frye)
Bag: Marc Jacobs (Saks)
Sunnies: Hand crafted by Bubbles Vintage (one of my favorite vintage stores in Tokyo)