Fashion has always been an incredible source of empowerment and self-expression for me, especially because I struggle with my weight and shape. Early on in my youth, I became conscious of the fact that the clothes I desperately wanted to wear did not come in my size.  Eventually I came to realize that not fitting in. literally, was a gift. It allowed me to nourish my individuality and passion for style and aesthetics. Allowing this passion to guide me as an adult impelled me to work for a diverse range of brands including Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Diesel and Jones New York.  

Every time I meet a girl who shares my insecurities and is dressed poorly it breaks my heart because most of the time, the external appearance is a reflection of the internal state of mind. I want women to be empowered though fashion and style and I would like to challenge the idea that fashion is inaccessible to curvy girls because it's not! This blog is about dressing for your body type and interpreting hard-to-wear trends for your shape. I have worked in the fashion industry for over a decade and I have yet to see designers catering to any aesthetic that isn't defined by being thin. Beauty has no limitations, so embrace your curves!